With more than 250,000 members, UFCW Canada is the leading private sector union. We have succeeded in making the unionized retail job one that pays a decent living wage so workers can provide for themselves and their families. Our collective agreements provide our members with benefits unheard of in non-union workplaces. These benefits include grievance procedures to ensure no one is fired unfairly, guaranteed wage increases, dental, drug and eye care benefits, and employer-paid pension plans.

Our commitment to our core industries is unlike any other union in Canada. As manufacturing jobs flee to other parts of the world, UFCW Canada recognizes the need to raise the standards of all workers as the service industry becomes the major source of employment for many. In fact, we identified this reality a long time ago and have committed ourselves to winning a fair standard of living for service sector workers everywhere. This is why thousands of employees have chosen UFCW Canada to gain the protection of a collective agreement, good wages, employer-paid benefits and fair treatment at work.