Dear Premier Ford,

I am writing to you today in regard to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Ontario, and a sector of our economy that has been overlooked since the beginning of the crisis in March of last year.

You will recall that in the initial lockdown, grocery stores, LCBO’s, shopping malls, etc., services that were deemed essential, in most instances professional security guards were employed at these establishments to ensure orderly conduct and safety for the public and staff.  That is in addition to the many nursing homes, hospitals and other municipal, provincial and federals building where licensed security guards are tasked with providing their services.

After the first wave many businesses stopped using security guards, but their services were, and are still in demand at hospitals, nursing homes and other health care service providers. With the second wave and surge of the virus, and the increasing number of positive cases growing on a daily basis the services of security guards is again in demand.

Throughout the crisis security guards have been working with other workers who have been deemed essential, yet guards have been overlooked.  At many Long-Term Care homes, they are tasked with not only providing security, but transporting those who have passed to waiting funeral service providers.  In hospitals they are tasked with guarding entrances to hospitals emergency departments and Covid testing centres therefor being potentially exposed to symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers of the virus while providing their essential services.

Mr. Premier, we hope that it has just been an oversight by your government that security guards who have and continue to work side by side with other essential workers will now recognized for the essential work they do and will be deemed as such and receive pandemic pay for their work.  We also believe that because of the hazardous work they are performing at hospitals, nursing homes and other businesses and institutions they will be included in the priority list of workers to receive a Corona virus vaccine. 

Mr. Premier I look forward to your response.


Jeff Ketelaars
UFCW Canada Local 333