Welcome to UFCW Local 333 part of the strongest Union in Canada. Our members come from many walks of life and work in almost every sector of the hospitality and security industries in Ontario.

If you have visited a hotel or been protected by a Security Guard you have had the pleasure of being served by a proud member of Local 333.

It is the commitment and participation of our members that make us great. Our working men and women, our staff and the Brothers and Sisters of the UFCW International fight tirelessly for healthier, safer work environments.

We believe that by fighting for a better life for our families, we not only gain a better life today but we set standards for future generations of workers and protect the future of labour in Canada.

This Union is all about membership. It is a shared experience of commitment; a fellowship and dedication forged by our Shop Stewards, activists and rank and file members within.

Simply put, our mission is to protect you and your family. To fight for a working wage, dignity, respect and security for every one of our members and their families.

Richard McNaughton