Help Increase Security Guard Pay to a Minimum of $15.00 Per Hour

Your name can make a difference! With over 65,000 Security Guards in Ontario we have the power to make a difference and drive significant changes to the Security Industry and low wages. 65,000 votes can change the outcome of a Provincial election! Let’s not be quiet anymore.

Bill 159 changed everything! We are now expected to pay for training, testing and licensing. Just to start out it will cost upwards of $600.00. We are now obligated to pay costs associated with being a profession HOWEVER we are not paid as professionals.

Hard-working men and women in the Security Industry are seeing their way of life on the verge of collapse as the faceless Government arbitrarily mandated costs on individuals. As our costs skyrocket the wages remain below poverty. The future of Security professionals depends on a united voice that can stand up to powerful interests.

When we stick together, we have power and a collective voice! You do not have to be isolated any more. Being a part of the petition not only gives you a voice but it connects you with the rest of the fragmented, under paid and victimized Security professionals. It sends a message to the powers that be that we must have higher wages, mandated benefits, legislated pensions and safe working conditions.

Let’s stand together! With 65,000 Security Guards signing this petition we have the ability to legislate a $15.00/hr minimum wage for Security Guards! With your signatures we will lobby and pressure the Government to mandate an increase in wages for Security Guards as they successfully did in Quebec – Click here for more information.

It can be done, but it can only be done together!

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