LOCAL 333 UPDATE – MARCH 25, 2020

The use of masks and are the necessary?

During the Covid-19 crisis we keep hearing about the shortage of masks, people stealing masks from hospitals or hoarding them but are they really necessary?

Public health officials in North America discourage healthy people from wearing masks, saying there’s no evidence they provide effective protection against the spread of the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

While it is certainly necessary for health-care workers to wear N95 or medical masks, typically, public health

officials in North America and Europe say healthy people shouldn’t wear masks in public. And right now, most people with respiratory symptoms shouldn’t be leaving their homes.

While you will see many people wearing masks general agreement by the World Health Organization and medical officials in Europe and North America is that the best way to protect yourself is to practise safe distance protocols, wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer and don’t touch your face!

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